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Well hello!

I will preface this by saying, I know you already gave away your Christmas gift. And since I am technically unpublished at the moment, I wouldn’t qualify for it anyway. However, I noticed you offered something far more valuable than money: Your time.

Here are some reasons why you should consider mentoring me:

  • I’m hungry. (So much so, that I felt the need to plead my case like a weirdo.)
  • We write in the same genres.
  • I have a bit of a platform (6k+ mailing list subscribers with another 5k on the way) as well as graphic design skills. Meaning, this doesn’t have to be a give and take relationship. I’d like to think I could offer you something in return 🙂


Currently I have one book exclusively on instafreebie ( to gain interest), a 30k word reader magnet with my editor, and another 26k written in my latest novella. I mention this to prove that I’m actually writing and I’ve passed the stage of completing my first book. Considering I’m not published yet, I want to head off those doubts.

I’m trying to take this career seriously, which is why I will be waiting until 2017 to publish which gives me enough time to build a backlist so I can publish in rapid fire and have a bit of padding to keep that pace up.

Here as some things I’ve been doing in the meantime to build a platform:

  • I have developed a Review Crew with almost 100  members. (Please note: I would have more members if I gave away my ARCs for free rather than offering a discount, and if I accepted everyone who filled out their applications incorrectly.)
  • Personally, I like writing standalones within a set universe, so I set up my series to encourage crossover characters to keep readers engaged.
  • I’ve joined group promos. Many, many promos. Lol.

This is my Goodreads page for my debut book that is on IF right now. I’d be more than happy to supply you with a free copy of the book if you want to quality check my work.

for may.jpg

I’m showing you all this because I want you to see how dedicated and how much work I’m putting in. I feel like I have some things figured out, but there’s so much more I need to learn, especially from an experienced author in my genre.

Since I haven’t launched a book yet, I’m seriously lacking in that area. I feel like I could benefit greatly from your guidance. So what do you think, May? Are you willing to take me on?

Please let me know either way via a FB message (I’m in the 20booksto50k group) or by emailing me directly

Whatever you decide, no hard feelings. I know you’re a busy lady 🙂